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Reaching out and bridging the gap in provision for those with complex mental health issues in Ealing for over 25 years
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 Strength based 1-2-1 Psychological support

Through a team of Psychological Support Practitioners, we offer focused strength-based psychological and emotional support on a one-to-one basis, enabling and empowering each individual to determine their own pathway and solution to reach their goals. Our group programme offers various wellbeing and therapy groups, focussed primarily on stress-reduction. Our outreach service has been a foundation of CAPEs work and continues to this day to connect with and support those who are unable to attend our building-based services due to severe crisis or chronic mental or physical ill health

Focused Therapeutic Services

CAPE provide focused therapeutic services to individuals with enduring mental health issues who live in the Borough of Ealing. Our psychotherapy services are provided via one-to-one or group therapy to individuals with complex mental health issues who experience barriers accessing talking therapies or other acute mental health services. 

Signposting & Reconnecting into the community

At CAPE, we recognise that to fully support individuals with mental health issues, there will be partner charities and organisations that complement the work we do and can give further aid in other areas. CAPE signposts to these for the essential social interaction, life skills, reconnection to people, services, and communities they may require.

Co-Production Development & Partnerships

Through co-production with other organisations, we map essential connections and pathways.  This same work will shape and influence the levelling up agenda and impact of COVID-19 and Brexit for service users. The development of CAPE services monitors and evaluates the activity, quality, data and feedback from individuals. We establish partnerships to provide specific services – i.e. for employment and vulnerable women. We build and develop partnerships that deliver on the articulated needs of those with complex mental health needs and support CAPE mission and objectives. Cultivate partnerships that will bring value to both parties and support income generation. 

Vision & Values

Our vision is for a world where individuals experiencing complex and enduring mental ill health build their emotional resilience and can live a fulfilled life. We value the potential of every individual. Their skills, capacity, knowledge, potential and connections to live the life they choose. We promote collaborative models of working for individuals - enabling each to become their own co-producer of positive mental health. We safeguard each individual story - recognising the strengths and resilience of each one. We support prevention and independence - by promoting possibilities and solutions that enable and empower individuals to determine their own pathways. The mission is to provide psychotherapy services via a one-to-one basis or group therapy to individuals with complex mental health issues who experience barriers accessing talking therapies or other acute mental health services. Provide focused strength based emotional therapeutic services on a one-to-one basis, enabling and empowering individuals to determine their own pathways and solutions to reach their goals. Connect individuals to people, places, services and communities that support their sense of self and choices. Develop partnerships through co-production with other organisations, to map essential connections and pathways and develop further the ability to signpost. 

Women's Wellness Zone

CAPE provides mental health services in partnership with Ealing RISE (Change, Grow, Live) to the Women’s Wellness Zone in Southall. This is a free and confidential health and wellbeing service; a ‘One Stop Shop’ that caters for women aged 18 or over with multiple, complex needs. There is a dedicated team of specialist staff that provide holistic and personalised care plan packages, for women who are currently experiencing problems in three or more of the following areas: mental health, substance misuse, prostitution or trafficking, domestic abuse and offending behaviour. For more information, please click through to website Women's wellness zone | Change Grow Live.

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