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Aug, 2019

Psychological Support Worker

CAPE is a community-based, provider of specialist mental health support that seeks to maximise a person’s strengths. Our strengths-based model of working enables clients to:

  • Have hope about the future and enjoy life more.
  • Be an active participant in their life rather than a passive observer of it.
  • Achieve understanding, self-acceptance and have a sense of purpose and meaning.
  • Take a forward-thinking approach to life by taking control of the decisions that affect them.
  • Actively cope with problems and difficulties rather than ignoring them or adjusting to them.

CAPE’s strength-based model ensures our work is future focused interventions that not only respond to the current level of need and past circumstances but aims to leave the individual and their networks stronger in the future.

We make sure we do not provide premature interventions, which take over from peoples natural support structures increasing the risk of isolation, creating dependency, and providing ‘solutions’ that do not enable the individual to achieve their personal strength-based outcomes, but which instead, superficially ‘patch’ the problem or presenting need.

Strength based recovery is active coping rather than passive adjustment. Recovery means learning to make decisions and choices that are real, taking risks in order to experience growth, and assuming personal responsibility Our team help people challenge notions of disability and personal limits; they will support the person’s passion and work with dreams and goals, understanding that failure and setbacks are a normal part of living and learning.

We work with a diverse group of adults living with mental health needs and associated challenges, particularly individuals who experience disorders of psychosis, depression, anxiety and trauma as well as individuals with personality disorders. A minority of our clients have learning disabilities (often undiagnosed). Others are on the autistic spectrum.

If you would like to discuss this post please call Penny Kienan on 02088962552 or email her at penny@capeproject.org.uk

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